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Blue Saint as featured on The Enchanted Home!

Blue Saint's self-tanner was positively featured & reviewed by popular interior designer, influencer and blogger Tina from The Enchanted Home. The post can be read here: Enchanted Home


Tina included this about our tanner:

NEED A LITTLE COLOR?  You know I like to share new products with you. I saw a friend a few weeks ago who at first glace was glowing and looked better than she had in years. I thought she had just come back from a secret tropical vacation she didn’t tell me about:) She told me about a self tanner she loves to use in the winter for a little extra color and she could have fooled me as her tan looked so “real”. I love the look of a sun kissed glow. like anyone else (especially in winter) so I ordered what she swore was one of the best, most natural self tanners she had used.

And it did not disappoint. Unlike many others,  this does not leave you with an orange cast, it really mimics a very natural tan and is super natural. I like the easy to apply mousse and you can go as light or dark as you want. If is the only tanner apparently with a “no orange guarantee”. I was wearing a skirt the other day and my legs were scarily white, so this self tanning mousse was a lifesaver. Need a little color? This will do the trick in 15 minutes flat! I feel so much better with a little color though maybe not quite to the extent that Valentino does:)

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