Thanks to all our Blue Saint customers we have put together this before and after gallery. We would love to hear what you think about our product as well!

  • "I'm absolutely in love with this self-tanner it works great and the mitt makes it so easy to apply!"

    - Ary T.

  • "I seriously love this tanner so much!"

    -Darian H.

  • "Loving the subtle color, most tanners immediately go dark, I can control the intesity with this one!"

    - Tiffany M.

  • "I'm literally so obsessed with this tan! It looks so natural and doesn't smell!"

    -Jules D. and Emma T.

  • "Excited I found a plant base self-tanner! Most don't work correctly or last a day or so. Definitely becoming a recurring customer!"

    - Clara H.

  • "I've always had bad experiences with self tanners but the color on this one is amazing!"

    - Georgina D.

  • "Hands down best at home tanner EVER. It doesn't stain and real looking tan lines. Woot woot."

    - Anonymous

  • "Most tanning products highlight the scar on my knee. This one doesn't. Loving Blue Saint!"

    - Tara S.

  • "This is the perfect tan, I don't feel sticky, look orange, or smell bad!"

    -Patricia V.

Blue Saint Self-Tanning Bundle

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