15 Minute Rapid Self-Tan

Top Probiotic Self-Tanner with a ZERO-ORANGE guarantee and no smell.

15 Minute Rapid Self-Tan


No Smell

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Meet Aryanna

"As someone who became obsessed with tanning from a young age, I always strived to find the best self-tanner out there. But I could never find a product that looked real ...and so “Blue Saint” was born. A lot of love and science went into create this color-matching blend and it’s something I use regularly in my own life. Blue Saint is the ONLY probiotic self-tanner that is both plant-based and has a ZERO-ORANGE guarantee. Your Blue Saint tan will look so NATURAL no one will know it is from a bottle!"

— xoxo, Aryanna Marie (Founder of Blue Saint)

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