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Blue Saint Instant Body Self-Tanning Foam

A Natural-Looking Self-Tan, From A Bottle!
Zero-Orange Guarantee. Free Shipping!

Blue Saint is a luxurious self-tanning foam that's made from plant-based ingredients with Italian probiotics for a natural-looking tan. It's easy to apply, streak-free, fast-drying, and has no “fake tan” smell. Blue Saint gives you beautiful instant color when applied, and your bronze tan deepens rapidly in just two hours. (Before and After Photos

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Blue Saint Face Self-Tanning Drops

Perfect Bronze Self-Tan in Minutes!

These natural tanning drops are easy to apply and give you the perfect bronze self-tan on your face. See results in just 15 minutes! Just like our body self tanner - Zero Orange Guaranteed!

It has quickly become a celebrity must-have.

1 Bottle is an 8 week supply

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Blue Saint Full Body Bundle

Get The Full Bundle Now!

Includes: Blue Saint Self-Tanning Foam ($39.99)

Includes: 8 Week Supply Bottle of the Blue Saint Face Tanning Drops ($29.99)

Includes: Blue Saint Application Mitt ($10.99)