Blue Saint Featured on Good Morning Arizona – Interview with Aryanna Tempest, CEO and Founder - BLUE SAINT

Blue Saint Featured on Good Morning Arizona – Interview with Aryanna Tempest, CEO and Founder

Blue Saint has been getting a lot of attention lately, for its outstanding instant effects and natural-looking color. Featured on a variety of blogs and websites, the CEO and Founder, Aryanna Tempest was also interviewed by Good Morning Arizona, Channel 3TV, a local news station in Phoenix for a segment called “Look What We Found!” Host of the show, Jaime Cerreta, is a loyal fan of the self-tanner and touted her favorable results on-air claiming that her fair skin got a bronze glow.

Aryanna was able to speak to how she developed this phenomenal product at just the age of 19 years old. A lifelong lover of the desert sun and tanning products, Aryanna wanted to develop a self-tanner that was safe, healthy and provided the most natural-looking color that is not typically associated with self-tanning products. She describes her year and a half journey to develop the product and take the get the formula “just right” so it soaks into the skin to nourish it while the self-tan develops. Blue Saint Instant Body Self-Tanning Foam work its magic as you instantly begin seeing your color develop. This fast-drying product won’t stain your clothes, sheets or furniture, as the host asserts during the interview.

Blue Saint Instant Self-Tanner is formulated with probiotics, which is the reason the color looks vibrant, bronzed and natural. It’s unique blend of organic ingredients works for every skin type, which is why the brand has become such a phenomenon among women and men, teens and adults. The best part – there is a “zero-orange” guarantee and it’s the leading streak-free tanner on the market.

With every product review by journalists and influencers, fans are loving that Blue Saint also doesn’t boast the unpleasant odor that is so commonly found with self-tanning products. Its pleasant, tropical scent combined with its moisturizing ingredients have on-air personalities raving about Blue Saint.

You can see Aryanna featured on Good Morning Arizona, Channel 3TV here. Blue Saint products can be purchased here. And of course, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all of the newest information and updates from Blue Saint. Happy glowing!

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