Blue Saint Featured on Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family - BLUE SAINT

Blue Saint Featured on Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family

Lifestyle expert Kym Douglas is at it again, this time touting the benefits of Blue Saint. As someone who has been sporting a tan in the 80s (not always with the healthiest methods), Kym says “I love being tan but I hate all the harsh chemicals.” During a segment about some of the craziest things she’s done for beauty, she proudly presents Blue Saint to her loyal audience claiming not only how well it works, but that it’s all organic, won’t turn her orange and you can’t smell her a mile away.

The Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family program is a platform where Kym can reveal her greatest finds and products she regularly uses in daily life. She is not only amazed by the fact Blue Saint develops into a beautiful golden tan in just 15 minutes, but also impressed by the quality of the application mitt and the accompanying Blue Saint Face Drops.

For those who follow Kym and the program regularly, they have been exposed to life-changing new products and Blue Saint is now at the top of the list. Baby oil and iodine begone – you can now get an even more natural tan from this potion than from the actual sun itself.

You can watch Kym in action here making her Blue Saint recommendation! For all the latest updates with Blue Saint, follow us on Instagram at: @bluesaintofficial

Happy bronzing!

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