Blue Saint Featured on The Morning Blend, Las Vegas – Interview with Aryanna Tempest, CEO and Founder - BLUE SAINT

Blue Saint Featured on The Morning Blend, Las Vegas – Interview with Aryanna Tempest, CEO and Founder

Viva Blue Saint! The masses in Las Vegas are abuzz over Blue Saint’s answer to everyone’s self-tanning woes. Recently, Aryanna was asked to interview on The Morning Blend, Las Vegas, Channel 13, as host JJ Snyder recently tested the products and was eager to learn how this perfectly blended formula gave her such an amazing tan.

While Aryanna is consistently recognized for her ingenuity and natural ambition, the hosts, JJ Snyder and Shawn Tempesta also touched on her drive and passion to create a champion self-tanning product. The hosts were impressed at how deliberate her journey has been to create a natural, effective product that has quickly become a fan favorite. JJ even boasts about her impressive before and after results and speaks to how Blue Saint has boosted her confidence.

Aryanna speaks to her native Arizonan upbringing and familiarity with being tan, so when she traveled out of the state, she had to rely on self-tanners that didn’t work. She explains the importance of natural ingredients and how it can affect the skin, as well as how she wanted to develop a product that wouldn’t produce an orange color that always looks so artificial with self-tanners.

JJ also shares her experience of using the Blue Saint Self-Tanning Facial Drops, and how she loved mixing it in with her moisturizer, which is one of Aryanna’s expert tips. Shawn even asks, “How did you get the color situation, so you don’t look like you’re an orange about to get picked from a tree in Florida!?”

Watch the video for JJ Snyder’s BIG REVEAL of her before and after shots of how quickly her Blue Saint tan developed! “It feels so good to have a tan!” says JJ, after Shawn comments on how radiant she looks with the product.

Blue Saint products can be purchased here.

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