<em>Forbes</em> Features Blue Saint for a Sun-Kissed Summer Glow All Year Long - BLUE SAINT

<em>Forbes</em> Features Blue Saint for a Sun-Kissed Summer Glow All Year Long

Blue Saint has been making quite the name for itself – and for good reason. Even the beauty editors at Forbes caught wind of the Self-Tanning Body Foam and can’t get enough. In one of their latest articles “Beauty Tips and Tricks for a Sun-Kissed Summer Glow All Year Long,” the publication honors Blue Saint, at first saying “Where tanning is concerned, you can actually make it when you fake it. BLUE SAINT is the world’s only probiotic self-tanner that ‘is both plant-based and has zero-orange guarantee.’”

Forbes, known for chronicling success by celebrating those who have made it and those who aspire to make it, has a team of curators who follow the most influential leaders and entrepreneurs in the world. Focused on driving change while transforming business and making a significant impact on the world, Blue Saint was honored to be hand selected and featured for this recent beauty feature.

Beauty editor, Bianca Salonga writes “I’ve always cringed at fake tans that look, well, fake. The Instant Body Self Tanning Foam leaves the most natural sun-kissed sheen within minutes. Easy to apply, streak-free and fast-drying this dose of sunshine in a bottle leaves zero traces of fake tan including that nasty smell. You will also love how color deepens and blends more seamlessly within hours. You can also achieve the same natural glow for your face with BLUE SAINT’s Face Self Tanning Drops.”

We have heard similar comments time and time again from celebrities, makeup artists, news anchors, tanning enthusiasts – and we are so pleased to deliver a product that people love. Forbes quoted Blue Saint Founder, Aryanna Marie, saying “Your Blue Saint tan will look so natural, no one will know it’s from a bottle.”

We can’t stress the benefits of the Blue Saint technology enough. For a product that delivers beautiful honey-hued results, instantly, and won’t leave you orange-y or stinky – it was impossible to find, until now. We’re glad to hear the team at Forbes loves Blue Saint as much as we love making it.

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