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Galore Magazine Names Blue Saint “Favorite Self Tanner”

The summer of 2020 was one to remember – or to forget, depending on how you look at it. While many didn’t get to the beaches as hoped, Blue Saint became a sensation for those who wanted to stay bronze, despite quarantine. Galore Magazine’s Ashley Uzer, who is famous for her monthly roundup of favorite things, touts Blue Saint and tips her hat stating “My new favorite is Blue Saint, not only because it was developed by a 20-year old female entrepreneur, but also because it’s plant-based and gives you a really deep and natural looking tan. It goes on with a blue undertone so that you never end up looking orange.”

Uzer goes on to state that Blue Saint is “A vegan self-tanner that’ll make you forget you didn’t have the summer you hoped for,” and while we couldn’t help but chuckle, we applauded such a colorful description. The writer experimented and researched all the self-tanners she could get her hands on and Blue Saint reigned supreme.

If you spent your summer indoors like most of us, you’re likely prepared for fall and soon the winter ahead. It doesn’t mean you have to go without a honey-kissed, natural tan. Blue Saint continues to be a favorite among myriad age groups because it develops perfectly on any skin type due to its probiotic make-up. And frankly, people are sick of coating their skin in chemicals. Now that we all have a little more time to examine the ingredients in some of our favorite beauty products, it’s becoming more apparent the trend is toward healthy, organic formulas.

Not only is Blue Saint overwhelmingly popular due to its unique plant-based formula, it’s also streak-free and won’t ever leave you orange. That’s why we have a “Zero Orange” guarantee. It’s easy to use, won’t stain and doesn’t carry the odd scent that most self-tanners are associated with. When you use Blue Saint, you can have peace of mind that you are actually doing something good for your skin while also achieving the best sunless tan possible.

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