Skin Inc. Features Blue Saint as the Popular Choice for Skincare Professionals

If you know anything about Skin Inc., you’ll know it’s first and foremost the leading news source for skin care professionals and owners. When they wanted to feature Blue Saint as one of the best choices for skin care professionals, we were happy to oblige. The publication, which features everything from education, science and various treatment information, also features their favorite choices for product reviews. The experts at Skin, Inc. test thousands of products each year so naming Blue Saint as top-of-the-line for self-tanners, we agreed. They definitely know their stuff.

Many skin care professionals and owners rely on Skin Inc. for the best products to carry in their businesses. Subscribing to the print publication and the newsletter, these skin obsessed enthusiasts can read timely information and learn what is the best of the best.

The organization summed it up perfectly, stating “Blue Saint Instant Body Self Tanning Foam provides a beautiful instant color when applied and the tan deepens within two hours. This self tanning foam is made from plant-based ingredients, and Italian probiotics that help the tan look more natural.” Simple, and straight to the point.

To read Skin Inc.’s review, you can find it here. And to purchase Blue Saint products, you can find them here. Be happy, stay golden and enjoy a beautiful tan with Blue Saint!