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Spy.com Recommends Blue Saint for Men

When you think of self-tanner, men may not be the first enthusiasts who come to mind, but times are changing. Especially with the stay-at-home lifestyle that has swept the world, now more than ever, men can add some life to their lockdown complexion. There is a lot of reluctance about self-tanners, among women and men, but the team at Spy.com was willing to experiment with Blue Saint for their recent article, “Self-Tanning for Dudes: Should You or Shouldn’t You?” The answer: a resounding yes – but the site’s only recommendation is for Blue Saint.

It’s fair that any man (or women) might be a little skeptical about using a sunless tanner. We’ve all seen the crazy orange shades from the fellas on the classic show, Jersey Shore, or we might immediately think of bodybuilding competitors with crazy dark coloring. What the team at Spy was able to validate is that Blue Saint truly holds to its “zero-orange guarantee.” Admittedly, they didn’t believe the claim, which is why they had to put it to the test. In fact, grooming expert, Tyler Schoeber who penned the article literally said “Did I believe them? Absolutely not… They mean it with their no-orange guarantee and I can tell you that firsthand.”

At Blue Saint, we LOVE hearing skepticism like this. Why? Because later he goes on to prove what we know is true “I was happy with what I looked like.” For a grooming editor who has zero experience with self-tanner, he recommends Blue Saint for being the go-to for amazing, streak-free, natural-looking results.

“I suggest you do it ASAP to see if you like it… For just $39, you can now stay tan all winter long. And, trust me — you won’t regret it.”

So if you are a man who was ever been curious about the world of self-tanning, but a little too gun shy to try it, we hope you’ll trust Spy.com, the leading platform for discovery and reviews. You can read the full article about Tyler’s experience with Blue Saint here. You don’t have to take our word for it, you can ask a bona fide grooming expert.

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