Television Anchors Across the US Rely on Blue Saint for On-Air Glow - BLUE SAINT

Television Anchors Across the US Rely on Blue Saint for On-Air Glow

The word is spreading all over the nation, Blue Saint is the preferred choice for looking camera-ready among news anchors. Especially for the “Savvy Southerner” and former beauty pageant queen and morning anchor for NBC 33 Baton Rouge/Fox 44 Baton Rouge, Kelly Anne Beile. And she couldn’t wait to share her new favorite product with her fans and local news audience.

“While talking to a fellow news anchor, she suggested a relatively new product made by a young female entrepreneur out of Phoenix. It’s called Blue Saint and honestly, sounded a little ‘too good to be true,’” said Beile. She once relied on basking in the sun all day (and getting her moles checked regularly) and her local spray tan salon to achieve her on-air glow. With the pandemic significantly affecting her tanning options, she was looking for a product that looked natural, worked instantly and was healthy for her skin.

Beile also added “Made primarily from plant-based ingredients, my colleague said Blue Saint was easy to apply, streak-free, fast-drying and didn’t have that ‘Fake tan’ smell. So, I decided to give it a try.” Overwhelmed with her experience, she was so happy that Blue Saint’s “Zero Orange” guarantee rang true and is completely streak-free. One of her favorite things about Blue Saint is the fact she can apply it minutes before she goes on air without worrying about unevenness.

She mentions her admiration and support of Blue Saint’s founder and mastermind, Aryanna Marie.

You can find Kelly Anne Beile’s article “Sunless Tanning: How to get a healthy glow during quarantine” on the Baton Rouge television website here. Take it from a beauty queen, and someone who’s job it is to look flawless on television, Blue Saint is simply the best. You can purchase Blue Saint here.

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