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The Gents at Want Blue Saint in their Stockings this Christmas

Self-tanning has definitely evolved over the years, not only in formulas but the growing population of people who use it. The grooming editors at gladly joined the skyrocketing demographic when they tested Blue Saint for their recent article “The 60 Best Stocking Stuffers of 2020 That Aren’t Socks or Candy (We Promise).” If you’ve never indulged in some of the articles at, you’re in for a treat. The site is a discovery and reviews platform with the latest tech, style, smart gadgets and health and grooming staples you can’t find elsewhere. Editors provide under-the-radar releases and top-rated picks from across the globe.

When the guys at Spy wanted to test Blue Saint, they were a little reluctant. Self-tanning products don’t always have a great reputation for natural-looking color and are often incredibly sticky and smear. Further, most who have experimented with run-of-the-mill self-tanning products in the past have been exposed to the horrific smell, uneven patches on the skin and stained bedsheets and clothing. We were happy to prove that Blue Saint bears none of these negative effects. Here’s what they had to say:

“Know someone that’s got a case of the winter blues? Or, potentially, the winter whites? Add a pop of color to their bleak, pale winter skin tone by gifting them this kickass self-tanning foam from Blue Saint. If you’ve used self-tanner in the past, you know the deal — just have them throw this on before bed, wake up and take a shower, and they’ll have a faux sun-kissed tan by morning.”

Passionate about products and discerning when it comes to recommendations, the editors at are a team of tastemakers and we were certain that their experience with Blue Saint would be a pleasant one.

Blue Saint has a fast-drying formula and gradually deepens over time, so once the foam dries, you can rest your sleepy eyes and wake up looking like you were on the Amalfi Coast. And in a world where we only see our friends and loved ones via Zoom or FaceTime, it’s nice to know you can still have a winter glow without it looking suspicious.

We concur with the folks at Spy, whether you are looking for a stocking stuffer for your loved one, or yourself, Blue Saint is an extra special treat for those who made Santa’s nice list this year. Heck, the naughty list deserves to be bronzed too – so this is an ideal gift for anyone.

You can read the article featuring all the best stocking stuffers here. Keep up with us on Instagram to learn all about the great things coming in 2021!

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