Top 4 tips to keep that bronze glow all year long with Blue Saint

Summer is coming to an end and that means...“bye-bye” summer tan. It’s no secret that everyone wants their bronze glow to last all year long, and so we’re here to help with that. 

Here are our top 4 tips to keeping that summer glow all year round with Blue Saint self-tanner!

  1. We recommend exfoliating and shaving prior to applying Blue Saint tan. By doing this it will help to lock in your tan.
  2. Many people forget this step so be sure to pay attention! Apply 1 application of the tanner with the application mitt then wait 5 minutes and apply another layer of the tanner. The second layer is very important if you want that perfect bronze glow.
  3. DAY AFTER: once your tan has set for 8+ hours rinse off the excess layer with a mild soap. Avoid rubbing or using any sort of exfoliate. Post rinse-off be sure to apply  moisturizer to help lock in the tan.
  4. As your tan wears off throughout the week, feel free to apply another layer of the self-tanner at anytime. With our zero-orange guarantee you can only get bronzed and never orange! 

Repeat these 4 tips weekly or every week in a half to ensure that bronze glow all year long!