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Give Your Spring Break Selfie Game a Glow Up with Blue Saint!

As spring break nears, it won’t be anything like normal years (once again), but there are still great opportunities to make it festive and fun especially in the world of selfies – because you know everyone is scrolling more often than ever these days. And what better way to kick off your spring break selfies than rocking a beach-worthy tan (even though you probably haven’t seen a beach in ages).

You can even put on your bathing suit and have a virtual spring break with your besties – umbrella straws and all! Plus, those virtual backgrounds are getting pretty festive. And with the advent of TikTok, the enhancements on Instagram and all the upgrades with Zoom, Hangouts and more, people have gotten pretty creative with their home looks and especially their selfies.

While we can’t showoff our Peloton bodies on the shore this year, spring break should still be a time for celebration and to take a literal break from all the hard work you’ve been putting in. Not to mention, everyone under the sun (or ceilings) have been experimenting with all sorts of beauty and skincare products during lockdown. Just because we haven’t seen the light of day recently, doesn’t mean we have to look like it.

If you’ve ever dabbled with self-tanner, you may not have had the best experience – zebra streaks, smelling like… what is that smell anyway? Or perhaps you had splotches or experienced an orange color unlike any other (not in a good way). Or, you may have just heard a lot of horror stories and have avoided it altogether – well, we’re here to set you straight and introduce you to the most natural-looking self-tanner on the market, probiotic-based Blue Saint.

Blue Saint Instant Body Self-Tanning Foam and Blue Saint Face Drops offer a “ZERO ORANGE” guarantee, and looks so natural, people will think you’ve been cavorting along the sands, or just your backyard. Blue Saint is plant-based and actually nourishes and moisturizes your skin upon application. Our foam comes with a velvety mitt that is oh-so-soft! It is fast drying and buildable so you can control the intensity of natural bronze you want. And you don’t have to wait around forever to get on with your day. The face drops are as convenient as mixing them in with your foundation or moisturizer. It’s the easiest self-tanning system with the greatest results.

If you’re isolated, missing all the spring break festivities, there is no reason you can’t celebrate with a party of one. And you can post all the selfies for your loyal followers, showing off your new honey hue. Be sure to take before and after shots so you can amaze yourself with the difference and be sure to share them with us to be featured @bluesaintofficial on Instagram!

Once you try Blue Saint, you’ll be hooked, it’ll be a new staple of your beauty routine, year-round, and your skin will actually feel healthier for it! Try it out today – your spring break (and selfies) will be as celebratory as you feel, while rocking a gorgeous tan.

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